About Us

Bright Red Triangle (BRT) is based at Edinburgh Napier University and offers a one-stop-shop for extra-curricular innovation and enterprise activities. Our offer is open to students, staff and graduates of Edinburgh Napier University, as well as local businesses and community organisations.

We support innovation and enterprise, and offer a range of pathways to connect our students, staff and alumni to the community through enterprise start-up activities, business support and consultancy services, and social innovation projects. Bright Red Triangle aims to positively impact our student experience, local businesses and the wider community.


Business Incubator Service:

We offer free hot desk facilities to all of our students and our alumni, and these facilities are currently available at our Craiglockhart and Merchiston campuses.  There is also a dedicated enterprise manager at each campus available to help and advice you on all aspects or starting and running your business.

Jane Grant (Merchiston campus): 0131 455 2995

Wendy Wu (Craiglockhart campus): 0131 455 4280

Project Work:

We have completed various projects for companies such as insurance brokers, public affairs organisations, flooring companies, construction companies and online architects. The work we have completed varies from marketing communications planning, web design, branding, graphic design, market and product testing and research, and many more.

You can take a look at our portfolio Booklet BRT (email).

Contact Cilla Richards on 0131 455 4372 or c.richards@napier.ac.uk to find out more.

Bright Red Triangle
Tel: 0131 455 4372
E: info@brightredtriangle.co.uk
W. www.brightredtriangle.co.uk

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