Why does well-designed branding matters?

4 Jun

By Aleksandra Wruk

Many businesses, start-ups as well as those well-established ones, underestimate the importance of well-crafted branding as an unnecessary expense. However good branding could be an investment in the future of your company.

What is branding?

According to Jeffrey A. Lupisella

“A brand is an individual’s experiential perception of every aspect of an entity, a product, a service, or a person, evoking an emotional response.”

He notes that the first experience of your company to the customer is the brand and that emotional response is essential to brand strength. 

“The most effective brands do not just look cool or comforting. Instead, they make the person feel cool or comforted. In any branding endeavour, the goal should be to evoke an emotional response, which in turn forges an emotional bond with the customer or client”

Why is branding so important?

Branding is all about making an emotional connection with potential customers in order to shape their perception of your company.

Just as wearing proper suit and tie, your branding is how your customers perceive you. It will shape your image as trustworthy, professional and help to bring your core values and mission out to the public. A brand also helps your company remain in the memory of your client and of course you don’t want them to remember you for an ugly logo. Having a clear and consistent style for your company keeps the purpose and the mission of your company deeply rooted in the minds of your clients by helping to visualise your company and helps to create a sense of comfort and credibility in the minds of customers and clients.

Done properly, shaping and promoting your brand will yield many positive results: increased sales and customers, greater business valuation, increased and more positive press coverage, etc.

So why hire a professional graphic designer?

Just as you are an expert at your business, graphic designers are experts in their field. There is a whole lot more to design than being good with colours. It also includes a whole load of field specific knowledge like colour or gestalt psychology, experiential design, semantics or socio-cultural awareness on top of design process and software knowledge. There is a reason why design is a four year university course.

Before even beginning to move things on screen, a good graphic designer will do a visual and market research in order to produce the design in informed way and to make sure it will fit your needs and target the right audience, creating engagement and visual impact.

Even though you might be computer literate and own Page maker or Photoshop, the graphic designer knows their software in and out. A visual effect that might take you hours to achieve is probably within few clicks away for a skilled designer. Your designer will also ensure that the artwork follows print or digital specifications and is suited for further work. Therefore hiring a good graphic designer can in fact save you time and money.


Good vs bad design, can you spot the difference?

Below are links to examples of some really poorly designed logos:



And some really good ones:


What do you think it says about the companies they represent?



Resources from:




About the author

Aleksandra Wruk
Junior consultant at Bright Red Triangle – Edinburgh Napier University

As well as working for Bright Red Triangle Aleksandra is currently a 3rd year student of Interactive Media Design at Edinburgh Napier University which she moved on to after completing a HND in Visual Communication (Graphic Design) at the Edinburgh Tellford College.

Throughout her employment as a designer for print, web and other various freelance projects she has gained extensive experience in design as well as customer service and commercial awareness. Aleksandra has completed projects for the Edinburgh Fringe society, Virgin Money, Edinburgh Napier University as well as for external clients across Edinburgh as part of her role at Bright Red Triangle.


One Response to “Why does well-designed branding matters?”

  1. jkconsultancy June 5, 2013 at 8:48 am #

    Great article Alex, it offered real depth to essence of branding. I nearly cried laughing at the examples of bad logos.

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